OutsideMy name is Dr. Marjeta Ritchie, R.N., B.S.N., M.S.N., M.A. (Psych), Ph.D. (Psych). I am a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist as well as a registered nurse with master’s degree in Sciences in Nursing. The focus of my different studies was to obtain knowledge in teaching, administration, research and clinical work.

I have extensive work experience in the hospital and university settings as a director, professor and in private practice. Consequently, am well versed in understanding human nature, suffering with the aim to help you explore your personal issues and concerns and attain the best possible physical as well as mental wellbeing. I can assist you to cope with stressful events so you can bring about positive changes in your life, experience a better way of being, or obtain peace of your mind, contentment and happiness!

I am a founder of psychotherapeutic and counseling center Ritchie d.o.o. which is located at Pristaniška 3, Koper, Slovenia. 



There are many reasons that we may need professional support for our mental health. The world we live in has grown more complex, demanding, and stressful. Our internal environment demands continuous adaptation of our human organism to life. Consequently, it is not hard to understand why we develop emotional and health related problems as we try to cope with seemingly endless pressures at home as well as at work. Many of today’s afflictions are better treated by professional counseling, than by traditional medicine (drugs), yet 80 percent of all doctors’ visits are for stress related, rather than physical ailments. Sometimes feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress are long-lasting and difficult to resolve alone. For those problems that require more support or assistance, psychotherapy may be a benefit.



Individual Counseling

To help you work through issues of emotional distress, mental health issues, life transitions, or crises.

Couples Counseling

To help you meet each other’s needs (e.g., affection, sexual fulfillment, communication, commitment, admiration, or respect).

Family Consultation

To help all family members resolve issues and concerns or cope with mental Illness.


  • Achieve intimacy and satisfying interpersonal relationships.
  • Be successful in your goals throughout your life span.
  • Act with greater confidence, sense of direction, purpose and social effectiveness.
  • Attain inner personal happiness and contentment.


Thank You

Congratulations! You’ve already taken the first big step toward inner peace and emotional well being. A survey by the American Surgeon General concluded that two-thirds of people suffer needlessly because they don’t seek help for their psychological difficulties.

So simply by reading this page, you have made a choice to take action. You have proven that you understand that you should feel better than you do, and that you have the courage to change.

Change is not easy. It is hard work to identity the obstacles blocking your way, set goals, develop internal and external support resources, and then change your perceptions, thoughts, feelings and behavior. But I assure you; the work is worth the effort.

As a clinical expert in nursing as well as in clinical psychotherapy, organizational and health clinical psychology I can be your guide and mentor, helping you with your process of succeeding in making the choices and changes in your life to bring you happiness, and make your dreams come true.

What matters is not what happens to us, but how we deal with what happens to us.

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When you dim your light so that others will shine, the whole world gets darker.

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We offer professional, specialized psychotherapeutic help tailored to your needs.

We provide a warm human relationship and a friendly environment, which are indispensable for our common success.


Dr. Marjeta Ritchie
R.N., B.S.N., M.S.N., M.A., Ph.D.

Ritchie d.o.o.
Pristaniška 3, 6000 Koper
Slovenia EU

Mobile: +386 (0) 31 799 595
Email: drmarjeta@psihoterapevt-koper.si

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